Day 1 : Introduction

About me:

I am a human being on earth. I was born in 1978 inn Stavanger, Norway. My name is Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem. I would be glad to hook up on Facebook. I have been committed to mental hospital more than 80 times. I have been suffering from Schizophrenia and drug addictions. I am walking to take a full and complete responsibility for myself, as I am all and all is me, on this earth. I am walking to become equal and one with everything, and all on this earth within this existence.


The end of psychiatry – introduction to this blog.

Western psychiatry have been estimated, 100 years of abuse and violations. It have gone too far too long with crimes and we are far from the point of having to prove these violations, as they are evidence in every from, everywhere. 100 years ago the industrialization of this world started. People started to attend more work and stress would build up on several levels and within the millions of people that went on suffering from this make money/survival/greed – mentality. Greed/money is today the source of illness in this world directly and indirectly. This have been with us for such a long time and it have cost so much in both money and in tears that I dear say: Till here no further.

Within the next 5 – 10 years, 50 % of all work, that is, will be done by robots. When that occurs, people still need a income. Here, living income guaranteed by equal life foundation is the best, immediate solution. We need also to reduce the amount of working hours for the average worker. Stress is allowed to build up in the general population and it is not cool. It is systematic abuse and violations. Change starts with self. Soteria Houses, Fountain Houses, community living, caring, a meeting places, open dialoge, lesser drugs, more physical activity, cognitive challenges, and living income guaranteed/basic income, are all different solutions to end psychiatry, and to move over to: recovery.

Here in this blog, I will be sharing solutions and perspective with you.

Lets walk! Let’s get this done for what is best for all !¬†