Day 12 – the schizo corner


Today, a week after Trump was elected  for President of the USA, we scratch our head of politics. A question I am left with is why I did not get to vote. I live in Norway, but Trump’s policy also affects me here, where I am. Do you not agree? Why not let children vote  ? I am convinced that it is this type of innovation and “out of the box” questions we need to look for and find out for solving the world’s puzzles and conflicts.

Today when the Fibonacci spiral allows people to become more and more aware of how sinister the money is distributed and how deep the bankers desire of greed & bloodlust is. Similarly, the same patterns of mind,  thinking “bad” thoughts, backchats, emotions and traumas, the dark of the mind, suppressed  and denied inside ourselves. No one will see my darkest  secrets … my worst thoughts I just keep to myself. They are not for anyone … I will hide them away … not show anyone….

– as if it were millions and billions and billions of dollars …. (!!!)

(See the picture ?)

Philip K Dick writer HarperCollins Publishers
 Phillip K. Dick

We have all these thoughts and dark corners at our secret minds of oblivion and distress within ourselves.

They say in today’s business world, the very financial “experts” and journalists and most importantly : you and me, that  clearly, that the world out there is a reflection of the own inner self. We need to look in the eyes that we are a very complex puzzle, and that somehow capitalism is dissolving and loosens increasingly more with how we  get to delve into and understand and become familiar with self, forgive ourselves for what we are: and have created.  To embrace self and live the message of what is best for all. Oneness and equality. The pyramids reminds us how power and money are centered up to a small, small not so secret longer; elite. This image has be created and shaped  for centuries. Designed by kings, popes, lawyers, doctors, priests and business people, and last but not least by you and me. Normal people. What we accept and allow in our daily lives. In our minds.

The lie I see out there in the world – it I find in myself if I’m decent enough to admit it … The conflict in Syria or Ukraine or a distress and violent family relation in Oslo: I find in myself in my mentality. I find in my mind, identical the same psychology / energy engineering patterns,  plays out like atrocities. From my inner thoughts, reacting  and paranoia to the external manifestations of cruelty, suffering and loss. We have such dark secrets – everyone. I suggest writing therapy and self-forgiveness.

It is clearer and clearer every day that goes by that people are tired, dead tired,  of being divided itself into right and left, red, blue, Christian, Atheist, Catholic, Muslim, vegetarian, abortion, anti-smoking law, oil drilling, refugees … and so on …. we divided into smaller and smaller pieces and from there it is expect of us to be responsible and decent? Hello; we’ve all been brainwashed that’s just admit it first as last. It often sits deep inside.

It’s like accepting the current standard, to say yes please to upgrade the system to receive more information when the system is corrupt from the bottom … complete insane. To upgrade and expect new music, it is quite crazily. It’s like making new thoughts, and laws and regulations but the same shape and the same deal. It goes no further. And we see that the system is failing, like a open nasty wound here in Norway for example, whether it is incredible stories about snooping of sensitive data, whistleblowers who are banned from work, people who are programmed to commit abuses against children, addictions and diseases. The list is long, and it will go on until we change. Equal and one. (se links)

We live in a system of our own manifestation. We create our own reality. We have lived here on earth, most of us maaaaaany times reincarnated (…) Where we see today that the : suffering  of nature, animals and children, is being rewarded in money. That is the sum of the capitalist system.

But remember seeing this from the inside. We must go in ourselves. Everything out there can be traced back to ourselves in our lives and in our psyche. Everything is in reverse. You are the key.

Still the mind is very tricky and complex. For instance with thoughts. Thoughts govern our everyday lives, undeniably. Thoughts directs us in our lives. YET there is virtually nobody (!!!) who can say and answer in detail, how thoughts are created, and how they occur. Some can. I’m not afraid to say that I am one of those who understand a lot about how thoughts originate. I have studied this carefully, and found that the best thing I can do is to stop thinking. So now you know. We expect to be racing motocross on the planet in Mars tomorrow morning, but we do not know what drives us to it … We do not know our own inside.

We know everything about war and suffering. We can produce war, and reality TV. But do we know who we are on the inside? What is our potential? What limitations do we defend with ourselves ? What is self – sabotage or self – corruption ?


my moose drawing

I am here to say clearly: STOP

STOP my own mind consciousness system. And STOP energy and polarity slaving. STOP the ego. To stop the external capitalism we must first stop ourselves. Otherwise it will not be done properly and we end up with more work later on.

Me and you have to go process. To stop the mind consciousness system and metaphysics. To begin with the interior to change the exterior. Learn to know thy self.

Thanks for reading


myself a early spring inn Vikeså

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