Day 2 – Examples and solutions

Day 2 – Examples and solutions. So, we are ending psychiatry. I have made it my life chore to do this. To hack into all of psychiatry and psychology. From the patient perspective, from the doctor to the drug companies perspective, to the governing rules of a society, system and mind, and all of existence. I do this for the best of all and for the common sense, from what I have learned from my own experience, from being a former patient, an activist, and solutions that I find today. It is possible to solve all this, without the old state driven hospitals, long waiting and massive drug usage. It is possible and I will here prove that.

Here are some examples of people seeking help, and what we can do to help, in a future perspective.

So what happens if a person goes to the doctor and complains about voices in the head, or suicidal thoughts ? Depression or complains about eating disorders or any other, typical mental illness ? Then what if we have no psychiatry?

This person in front of you is suicidal. What do you do ?

What would be recommended, and the very best therapy, by the very tip top experts/activists of psychiatry today, is to create a safe heaven. Like the “Soteria House” model. To place this person, that is suicidal and that have lots of emotional problems, in a home. Perhaps to use drugs for a limited time. To bridge this person into safety and comfort. A safe house and environment, that is looked after from personnel. The person must be offered this place and safe heaven, to live and to recover. A bed, a room, daily routines, and interacting with others, talking with therapist, cognitive challenges like painting, drama, writing/reading and also physical activities body awareness programs like yoga, meditation, massages, to make sleep and physical better. Healthy ecological and clean food to be served through the day. Participating in the food making and daily chores. Recovery.

Now let’s say this is a person that have been confronted with a safe home, offering did not go voluntary? Say that this person is having a sever psychosis at home. The person is threatening to hurt other as well as self. Well, than that is a crime and a threat, and must be death with from within laws of imprisonment. So then the person have a option. Either accept the Soteria house offering, through participation, or to go to jail. Here is another clue. Prisons must be much more flexible with offering solutions, or should I say the judge/laws system, must be more flexible. In a gentle and considerate way. Today, 600 males are raped in prisons in USA, every day. This system is not acceptable. There must be offered a much larger degree of flexibility for the inmates. Therapy and cognitive challenges and physical therapy. Writing, reading lesson etc. Flexibility with serving ones time in community homes like Soteria houses. Look beyond bars. Schooling and therapies must come through. Yoga and meditation are keys. Body awareness. Responsibility.

Let’s take one more perspective. This person that is ill, is not improving. There was one or several traumatic happening in this persons childhood. This person was raped when child. He or she is living in constant anxiety and lots of pain and suffering. There are no signs of improvement or recovery, what so ever, and suicide is all what the person can think of. Trauma – true me. Because the illness have been manifested for such a long time and is so severe, that, if, this person wishes it – death could be a option, that someone must then be allowed to die. The good death. Euthanasia is a solution to extreme suffering. To force people to stay alive and go through a life in pain and suffering is exactly that, forcing people to live in pain and suffering, and that is simply torture.

I am convinced that given time, we can find therapies to all sickness. But this will take time. And I trust that people must be able to decide self, ultimately, whether to live or die.

Letts bring in one more episode. This person living in a Soteria house, for some time, is going into a psychosis, and wants to cut self on a glass. What do we do ? We would need to be at least two persons or more to calm down the person acting in possession. Physical prevention. This person is trying to wrestle you, to get to cut self. What do we do?

We talk to the person, we hold the person, we tell him/her common sense and love. We comfort the person by stroking her or him over the head/back. We sit with the person (laying in bed) until he or she is calm or sleeping. In emergencies that there is no calm in sight, we can use drugs, but it may not be needed. Physical touching and genuine care can do miracles, but it is today not allowed in psychiatry. This laws must change. We need to get physical and show genuine love and care to persons that are struggling. The person gets calm and fall asleep after having be stroked on back/head for 1-2 hours. Drama is over.

So if we look closed at this picture. There are solution to all perspectives. The first two solutions is to place the person in a safe home. Soteria house model. Be flexible with jailing and change the law to actually cure and change the inmate to see; what is best for all, and so that he or she can be ready back into society, responsible, after jail time. To actually give therapy and prepare the individual for society with the best schooling possible. To work consistently with therapy and activities. Maybe it is also a solution that the founding of the Soteria house could be done from the individual that is staying there, in the home, from their living wages, their living income. That must be provided from starts, a means tested income, for all. To eventually get to the roots of illness. Money and greed. The people working at the Soteria house, either professionals, doctors or peers, would be nice to have all different, working on shift so that there is people looking after 24/7. The Soteria house inn itself could be provided and sponsored by the local society, for the best health of all.

With the second solution where a person is violent acting out onto others, this might be done in psychosis/illness. So the prison system must be much more flexible with providing solutions, to inmates. With flexible I mean that this person could maybe be moved from this prison to a Soteria house after some months. Let’s say the person where per scripted some drugs while in prison. This was done to calmed the patient down. To step out of psychosis. A clear alternative here is yoga and meditation. And physical work – outs and massages. These are clear alternatives to drugs. It is within the understanding that drugs and only for severe, and I do mean severe mental illness and psychosis/possession. Today you get drugs per scripted if you fart. The system is horrible designed this way. And it needs a super fix, solution. The End of Psychiatry. So the first two point boils down to this one solution. Community run shelters like Soteria houses. And also Fountain houses and other places to meet, share a coffee and talk, listen to music, learn to bake, play pool, sing karaoke. etc. Live life. Strengthen social and intellectual roots.

The last solution, is euthanasia, is only if it during a certain extent of time is clear that; this person only wants to die. From all the pain and suffering. There are no signs of recovery. Then let it be so. If there is no signs of recovery at all. Then euthanasia is a solution.

This means that we can have several houses, safe houses, based on the Soteria model. Medication mainly as bridging for a limited time. Focus on; Yoga, meditation, gym, swimming and work outs. Routines and recovery. Cognitive challenges. And also – Euthanasia – as a choice for the chronically ill, inn pain, that have no recovery.

Here I have now, within this text proved how we can change the system within and to say: “Till here no further” to the old state driven mental hospitals. This is changes that we would like to see. These are changes that are what is best for all. No more swing door patients. No more hospital raping or belts. Enough with the abuse. Lets end psychiatry.